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As a service-driven unit of TUT, the Network and Information Center offers various services relating to computers and network resources by supporting TUT instructors in their lectures and research while assisting the university with the digitization of TUT’s various administrative affairs.

The Network and Information Center consists of a director (an instructor with relevant specialization in computer and telecommunications appointed by the President) who is responsible for affairs pertaining to the Center. The Center has three subordinate sections (Administrative Consultation Service Division, Network Operation Division, Cloud Computing Division, School Affairs Information Division) with corresponding chiefs and staffs.

At present, the Network and Information Center is geared towards the functional construction of TUT’s information systems, stabilizing the operation of TUT’s networks, implementing information security management, functionalizing computer teaching equipment, building TUT’s course maps and constructing TUT’s digital history file.

In addition, in light of the growing prevalence of notebook PCs and smartphones, the demand for wireless internet access on campus has also grown significantly. And as such, the Center has included the construction of a wireless network as a key item of development and shall install relevant fundamental network equipment and expand the coverage of TUT’s wireless network so as to improve upon the campus’mobile information network.